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Kocourek Kids Foundation

Welcome To Our Future. Welcome To Kocourek Kids.

When we started looking for a meaningful effort within which we could give back and make a real difference - We decided it was a good idea to start at the beginning. Interestingly, by starting at the beginning, we invested in the future.

Tomorrow in North Central Wisconsin depends on the character and spirit of young people. Kocourek Kids is focused on tomorrow and we're going to provide the fuel to get there.

We believe everyone will relate with the effort; its one thing every single one of us has in common: We were all a kid at one time.

Let us know how you think we can best support the kids in our big neighborhood. We're open to suggestions that point us in the right direction; to the people and the organizations who need us.

Community Involvement

We give back because we can. We care and we believe that everyone doing a little accomplishes a lot. Improving the lives of our neighbors is both a responsibility and privilege. We will always cross the finish line together.

Kocourek Automotive and NTC Nitro-X Camp

Kocourek Automotive partnered with Northcentral Technical College to bring the week-long summer camp to the youth of Central Wisconsin! Students worked on their very own remote-controlled race cars, learned about different vehicle systems in the automotive shop, and talked to industry professionals at Kocourek!

Investing in Tomorrow's Technicians

In partnership with Foundation of the Wisconsin Automobile & Truck Dealers Association, we brought Isaac and Taylor on to our service team, working as apprentices and getting industry experience while also attending school to earn their degree! They recently graduated this spring, and their achievements are a testament to their hard work and determination. We are immensely proud to have played a part in their professional journeys.

Wausau 24 Kids Run and Bike Race

Kocourek Kids was proud to sponsor the Wausau 24 Kids Run and Bike races. 

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