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Our Core Values


Without delay or excuse, we will always do what is right, rather than what is easy, popular or convenient.


In all daily matters, we will be exceptional at the basics of paying attention to and getting every detail handled right the first time. We will meet expectations and deliver on commitments. We will welcome accountability, take responsibility and always go the extra mile to achieve optimal results.

Individual Growth

Getting better is not an option, it is an expectation. As Kocourek invests in you, you must re-invest in yourself. Self-respect gained through honest effort is a vital ingredient within both successful companies and competent individuals.


We will train and tutor fellow team members to facilitate everyone reaching their highest personal and professional potential. We are committed to helping every Kocourek Team Member be better today than yesterday.


The good of the team comes before benefit to the individual. Teamwork and cooperation will allow us to serve one another and our guests quickly and efficiently. We will initiate and welcome change, introducing spontaneity, fun and creativity whenever and wherever possible.


We give back because we can. We care and we believe that everyone doing a little accomplishes a lot. Improving the lives of our neighbors is both a responsibility and privilege. We will always cross the finish line together.

Keith Kocourek

Our Story

Keith Kocourek has a keen understanding of, and gratitude for, the amount of work and dedication it’s taken to reach Kocourek Automotive’s number-one position in North Central Wisconsin. Of the memories Keith has of his experiences, he’s most proud of the fact he started at the beginning. Like many of you working your way up the ladder, Keith’s career began in high school with a sponge in one hand and a hose in the other - washing cars at a dealership in his hometown of Manitowoc, WI. Each summer, he would come back for valuable experience, all while pursuing a degree in Business Management. Then, with diploma in-hand, he returned to the same dealership, rising from Service Advisor to Service Manager after just a short time.

Wausau became Keith’s new home in 1988, accepting the position of Service Manager at Jim Carter Chevrolet. When time allowed, he soaked up every bit of managerial aptitude he could find. It paid off. Three years later, Keith was named General Manager and in 1995 he became a partner. After purchasing remaining stock from Jim Carter, the dealership became Kocourek Chevrolet in 2000. With a solid reputation for dependability and vision, the Kocourek name quickly became increasingly visible. Wausau Imports joined the family in 2006, renamed Kocourek Wausau Imports. Ford joined the ranks in 2008, eventually moving to a former Saturn dealership on Wausau’s northwest side. Shortly thereafter, the Hyundai-Kia franchise replaced a prime used car location as Kocourek on Grand. In 2012, the growth and transition continued with the construction of a new Nissan-Kia location across from Kocourek Ford. Hyundai moved to the Imports building and, around the same time, Subaru joined the fold, moving into its own new facility in the summer of 2013. Later that same year, the Byrider store took over the Grand Avenue site. 

An amazing story of growth, the Kocourek business name continues to seek new horizons – always relying on solid relationships between team members and departments in all locations. Community involvement is also paramount to a feeling of success. Success is all about people. Hard work and commitment result in advancement. Keith Kocourek has lived the process and is proud to provide it for you.

Chris - Kocourek Subaru
Jon and Tim - Kocourek Nissan Kia
Kocourek Chevy Sales Team
Melissa and Ryan - Kocourek Chevrolet
Ford technicians
Chevy Awards
Ken and Christian - Kocourek Nissan Kia
Subaru technicians
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